Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting into the Swing of Things

Continuing where I left off last time, Sunday I took a me day.  I finally got a Smartrip card, which will make riding the metro so much easier, and I took a stroll around Eastern Market, which is a wonderful farmers and flea market with lots of fun food and arts vendors very close to our house.  It was pretty darn cold, so I didn't stay too long.  I will definitely be going back there though.  So many great scarves, jewelry pieces, hats, and other cool things.  I've also heard they have a great brunch.  Then I took some time to catch up on my TV shows online, write some letters to pen pals, and call family.  It's a little odd not having any alone time really, as I'm always with some of my roommates since there are so many of us.  I need to take some time for myself, and I always love it when I do.  Monday was a pretty chill day, too.  We went to the Washington Wizards game, then I came home and did some laundry.
Washington Wizards vs. Houston Rockets
The rest of the week I worked, of course!  It's really the most important reason why I'm here, but it is very easy to forget that with all the fun I'm having.  It's been amazing and stressful at the same time.  I feel like I've adjusted to working a little better than I did when I began my internship over the summer, because I have had that experience.  However, of course there are the times where I'm unsure of myself and feel like the new intern that doesn't know anything.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to make an amazing impression and exceed the highest expectations.  As I've learned with internships, it's what you make of it.  You have to ask, ask, and ask some more to do things you want to do and gain those opportunities.  I'm trying hard to make all of my time here as productive as possible, even when I don't have a specific task assigned to me.  My Friday was pretty amazing.  I got to actually go into the House chambers, walk around the floor, and sit in the front row.  I will have to go again when they are in session.  I went into the members only cloak room inside the chambers, and I got to stand on the speaker's balcony, seeing the view a president would see of the mall on inauguration day.  It was absolutely amazing.  Even though I get to go inside the Capitol on a daily basis, I feel like it will never get old.  The inside of that building is so elaborate and wonderful.  I am constantly looking around in awe, thankful of the privileges I have.
Clyburn's Office in Rayburn
My Badge!  Not the greatest picture, but it gets me to some amazing places!
It snowed a little last night, which looked pretty but also made things a little slippery today.  I wanted to do something since it was Saturday, so I decided to shop.  There is a Forever 21, H&M, and Zara, all right next to each other in Chinatown.  Can you say shopping heaven?  They all had some pretty great sales, too, so I got some cute things I needed.  Then went to a Chinese place in Chinatown with my roomie and got a cupcake after as well.  DC has a lot of cupcake places, so I've been wanting to try one. It was a really really fun day.  Things are great, and I feel at home in DC and at work.

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  1. Shout out to the pen pals! Hope you are having an awesome time, it sounds amazing!