Sunday, April 1, 2012

Historic Places and a Soccer Game

Work this week was good.  I got a fairly large project to work on.  I am doing the first quarter media report, so I'm basically going through all of the news articles and interviews he has been featured in since the beginning of the year and organizing them.  I also got to take my official picture with the congressman.  I didn't have any warning so I wasn't exactly wearing what I wanted, but hopefully it looks good!  I'll put it on here when I get it back.

We saw 1776 at Ford's Theatre on Thursday night for theater class.  I had been looking forward to it all semester as I thought it would be really fun since it is a musical about the founding fathers, and its at Ford's.  The costumes, set, lighting, and singing was fun, but I was a bit disappointed overall.  It is pretty long.  The whole thing is basically about John Adams trying to convince all of the states delegates at the second constitutional convention to go for independence.  So its a lot of intricate discussions and arguments.  It was also just frigid in the theatre so it was hard to concentrate since I was so cold.
Ford's Theatre
Lincoln's Box, where he was shot
Friday night, I went to a DC United soccer game with some of my roommates.  We had gotten an email from our housing place about discount tickets for that night so we decided it would be fun to go.  It was a really good decision.  The atmosphere was so fun.  It reminded me a bit of being at a Clemson game, though not nearly as crazy, as there were a lot of college students and people my age, and everyone was really pumped.  They won 4-1 against Dallas FC.  Then we took a bus back home, which was also an entertaining choice since most of the people on it were drunk and really excited about winning.  There were definitely some DC United chants going on.

DC United soccer game
Yesterday, I went to the Library of Congress to finish up my schoolwork for good in the main reading room.  I don't think I've ever been so excited about doing work.  I could not believe I was actually sitting there just working on stuff in such an amazing room and building.  I've been meaning to go there ever since I got my reader card when I first got here, but never bothered to go.  It was another thing to check off of my to-do list, and I did it!  Now I really am done with all of my work.

I went on a run on the mall afterwards, which is the first time I've exercised since I got here (oops).  That was pretty awesome, too.  I love the mall.  There is always something going on there, too, so I stopped to watch some intense African drummers on the steps of the Natural History Museum for a few minutes in the middle of it.

Then, Charlotte, Seth, and I decided to go out to eat to celebrate us being done with our work.  We went to Ted's Bulletin on Barracks Row.  It was a really neat experience.  The decor, music, and waiters' outfits all have a 1930's feel.  The menus look like newspapers, and The Wizard of Oz was playing on TV's all around the place.  I had a burger and an orange push up milkshake.  They are also known for their homemade pop tarts, so I got a strawberry one to go to eat this morning.  I would highly recommend Ted's Bulletin.  The atmosphere is enough of a draw in itself, but the food turned out great, too.  Also, this is the first restaurant in DC I've been to that has actually split a check!!!  I don't know if I've written my rant about this on here, but it is so weird.  DC restaurants will not split checks, even when you ask ahead of time.  Usually, we end up scribbling all over the back of the receipt what each person had and their credit card number, and they end up giving it back to us 3-4 times before they actually process it to get the right amounts.  I do not understand why it is such a big deal, especially in a city full of broke interns who are eating together and obviously not paying for each other.  So them splitting the check without us even asking was pretty monumental and another reason to love it!

Today I didn't really know what to do with myself so I finally went down to Georgetown.  I have heard a lot about the area, but it isn't very metro accessible and I didn't really know what was down there so I hadn't bothered to go before this.  First, I went to a bagel place in Dupont Circle, where I got off the metro, and I had a banana nut bagel.  Interesting and delicious!  Georgetown is amazing.  It is clearly where all of the trendy people in DC hang out, and I definitely should have gone before this.  There is a lot of shopping, much of it more high class.  There are also a lot of neat little restaurants, and it is just a cool historic area.  I walked through a lot of shops, and got a couple shirts at H&M.  It was a good day.

Line as far as you can see down the road at Georgetown Cupcakes (DC Cupcakes on TLC)
This week at work will be interesting.  We are in recess so it should be pretty chill from that aspect, but a bunch of people in my office will be gone so I will have a lot more to do.  I get Friday off since it is Good Friday so I will have a long weekend, then one more weekend here before I move out!  It is April so its almost over!

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