Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY: Three Panel Dots Painting

I'm back! And I have my own apartment!

I'm very, very excited to have my own place to decorate and call my own. I've literally dreamed about going to shop for furniture and going to IKEA for stuff and everything that goes along with having my own space ...for years. It's so nice to have everything like I want it.

Searching for an apartment - fun yet not so fun. I saw lots of places that were really nice, but also expensive. Then there was the other end of things - more in my budget, but pretty sketchy. I finally found the perfect apartment at exactly the price I wanted to pay, and it's only 5 minutes from work and a majority of the restaurants and stores in Greenville!

The first of at least two painting projects I decided to do for my apartment is this Three Panel Dot Painting.

P.S. I think I'm in love with my couch.

I already had one canvas this size left over from a two-pack I bought to do the DIY: Ombre Phrase Painting, and I saw some great pictures divided into three panels on Pinterest, so I got another two-pack and got brainstorming. You can't really see here but I have green, blue, and yellow in my living room, and I wanted a way to tie it all together.

The steps are pretty simple!

First, I did two coats of black paint on each of the canvases. Then I painted the dots going from yellows to greens to blues to purples. I included white dots all the way through. I also included gold on the left half and silver on the right half to have some neutrals in there. On some of the lighter colored dots, I did have to go in and add another coat or two to make them bright enough on the black.

I messed up a few times by accidentally leaning my paint-covered hand onto the black area, so I ended up adding another coat of black to the blank areas above and below the dots on each canvas. Lastly, I went in and added some additional dots to make the overall shape more curved.

Here's a closer up shot of the final product!

I've got another, larger canvas ready to be painted for my bedroom so that will be my next post, maybe with some other pictures of my place. Stay tuned :)

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  1. Cute!! I've seen that on Pinterest but never had the patience to try it.