Friday, September 27, 2013

How My Dentist is Rocking Facebook

Your dentist is probably the last person you want to like on Facebook.  It's probably the last place you even want to go.  Everyone "hates" the dentist...though I had braces and every appliance under the sun from when I was 10 to age 18 so personally I think dentists get a bad rap (It's really the orthodontists that are a nightmare!).

Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when I went in, and I saw a sign in their office asking me to like their page.  Then, again, when my actual dentist himself told me to like them.  Here I was thinking, "Yeah right."  I logged on later that day and out of curiosity thought I would check it out. As a specialist in social media, I like to see what people are doing right or usually... very wrong.

My reaction was wow. What's even more important, I stayed on the page for several minutes scrolling and scrolling reading all of their posts.  Then...that's right...I LIKED IT.  This is big.  I don't normally like business pages if I can help it.  I've learned my lesson by liking willy-nilly and even adding friends willy-nilly, only to spend precious time later un-liking and un-friending. I'm a choosy Facebook-er now.

I've been watching their page ever since, marveling in their success, and hoping to learn a thing or two that I can apply in my job.

Here are some of the basic social fundamentals that they're doing right.

It's personal.

Just look at their page.  Their cover and profile picture is of them, not their building or some stock photo of teeth.  It's people.

You'll also see their pictures from company parties, staff meetings, and more. You can guess which staff member's baby picture is posted, and most recently they all went ziplining, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting at the National Whitewater Center! Say what?

They also feature patients who won prizes, got married, got accepted to med school, and more.

They've optimized their tabs with the right stuff.

Hours, map, appointments, and reviews (if you click to see more)...all with custom tooth icons.  Ahh, perfection.

They're getting likes and engagement the right ways.

By liking their page when I went in a year or so ago, I could be entered to win a free whitening kit.  By checking in or commenting during my last visit, I could get a free coffee mug.

Most recently they got people to share the page, and if they got enough likes, the two dentists would dress up as tooth fairies for a day.  You can see the results below.

They post regularly, but not too much, and it's always entertaining.

You can't look at the following post and not chuckle a little inside.

So congrats to them on their 1,200 fans and pro-strategy.  I wonder if they are doing it themselves or have hired an agency.  Either way, it's great.  Click here to check out their page.  And maybe since I wrote a whole blog post on them I can get my one and only wisdom tooth taken out for free?  Just kidding!...kind of.

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