Friday, July 12, 2013

Things I Don't Understand

People are silly and do a lot of silly things. Things that I don't understand.  Now this could go on and on if I included trends/items of clothing (Crocs, Uggs, etc.), but I have tried to narrow it down to behaviors and other things, at least for this post. Here's are a few I have noticed.

Eating meat off the bone - Saucy wings, ribs, fried chicken, you name it.  Why would you mess with any of these when you can get any meat you want boneless?  This also sort of applies to when people order fish, and it comes with the head, too.  Gross.  Just give me the part I eat!

Chewing gum - What is the point?  If I need to freshen my breath, I can eat a mint.  If I need to get things out of my teeth, I can floss and brush.  Also, that's kind of gross if that stuff in your teeth is being chewed in your gum.  Why would I just chew something to chew something?  After about 15 seconds, I'm bored of chewing and all flavor is gone anyway.

Vitamins that aren't gummy - I recently decided to start taking a multivitamin.  I looked on the shelf and one of my criteria quickly became "is it a gummy?" because why would you swallow a pill when you could eat a gummy?  In fact, why don't they make all pills and medicines in gummy form?

Non-alcoholic beer - Seriously, who likes the taste of beer that much?  Missing the whole point.  This does not apply to virgin drinks.  Those are probably freaking delicious.

Refilling gift cards - Once you use up a gift card, trash it or use it for a craft!  Why would you want another thing to keep up with in your wallet?

Calling someone in the next room...on the phone - I've seen this everywhere I've worked.  Dial your coworker (who is one wall away from you in the next office) on your phone.  Why?  They can probably hear you if you just talk at a slightly-louder-than-normal volume.

Buying bottled water for your house - Why would you pay for water?

Flameless candles - Stupid. The whole point of a candle is that it burns and as it burns it releases scent.

Unscented candles - See above about scent.

Weird gym behaviors (ok, this one is kind of clothing, but not really a trend so I had to) - Have seen a woman wearing jeans on the treadmill.  Have seen a woman with no bra. Have seen women who wear their hair down. Always see guys who cut up t-shirts into strips instead of buying actual tank tops. I see lots of weird things at the gym.

To be continued...

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  1. hahhaha i love it.. u have given me inspiration to start blogging.. look for first one soon ... u will love the topic ...

    comment provided by your partner in crime lol