Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY: Native American Costume

This week I got invited to a murder mystery party with some old friends and was given the character of an Indian "nursemaid" named Runs Like A Deer.  I figured it would be easy enough to make a simple Native American looking dress/tunic/shirt.  Here's what I did.

Materials Needed:
Brown men's XL t-shirt
Multicolor pony beads (I could only find heart shaped, but you can use regular round ones)
Fabric scissors

First, I cut fringe in the bottom of the t-shirt.  I took two beads and put them on each piece of fringe, then tied a knot at the bottom to keep them on.  Here's what it looked like.
Then I cut a V in the front and back of the shirt and cut off the sleeves, making it look like this.
I hoped I could just belt it and be done, but it still looked rather wide.  I bought it in an XL for the length and extra fabric, but definitely didn't need it so big around.

So I cut the sides apart, cut strips in them, and tied them together like I'd seen some girls do with t-shirts in high school or like how you make the no-sew fleece blankets.  This gave it a more fitted look.  I still belted it anyway with a braided rope I had from another shirt I own.  I also cut the hem from one of the sleeves to use as a headband - it was the perfect size!

I finished the look off with a braid in my hair, some natural-looking jewelry, a blue tank top underneath, jean shorts, and my brown flats.  I did use some safety pins at the shoulders to secure it to my blue tank, and that way it didn't fall down on my arms. Viola!

And seriously...that's it!  This was such an easy costume to make.  No sewing involved, and the materials only cost me about $8.  And who knows, maybe I'll wear it again to a Halloween party or something!


  1. This Indian outfit did turn out really cute. You had patience to poke the material through all those beads! I think tying the side made it look so much cuter too. Good job!!