Monday, April 22, 2013

It's The Little Things

I've been pretty slack on the blogging in the past few months and actually I've been pretty slack on doing anything for myself now that I think about it.  My life seems to be on the run.  I'm never fully unpacked from trade shows to Clemson to home and everywhere in between.  When I am home, I race from activity to activity (sometimes to literally go running on the treadmill, actually).  I rarely get any alone time to process.  I'm still learning to juggle this whole working full time thing.

And one thing I am painfully realizing every day is that I'll never have my life "figured out."

As Emma Watson tweeted, "Look I just want to know exactly what the next ten years of my life is going to look like ok? And to have it organized on a color coordinated calendar. Is that really too much to ask?"  I'm right there with you, girl.

Plans always changes, things are never black and white, and life just doesn't make sense.  Of course, I'm confused.  I'm 21.  And that's okay!

Thankfully, there are many things I am grateful for that keep me sane:
-playing guitar
-a good work out (usually also involves music)
-retail therapy
-baking delicious goodies
-random DIY projects (hopefully this weekend I will do another and post!)
-the ridiculous amount of TV shows I watch
-blogging, pinning, internet-ing (for fun! which is hard now since it's also my job)
-my boyfriend, who can take my mind off of anything

So here's a reminder - take time for all the stupid little stuff you love.  It is more important that you realize.

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  1. SO very true, and how often in the hustle and bustle of everything do we really take the time to do something that we want to do that we enjoy! We get soo wrapped up in doing everything we are " supposed" to or feel obligated to do that we forget about ourselves. Nice Reminder M&M!