Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY: Monogram Mugs

Another holiday, another DIY project!

Jake has always loved coffee, and in the last six months, I've become kind of obsessed with it myself. (I got a Tassimo for Christmas, and it is awesome! Don't get a Keurig, guys. Seriously, check out the Tassimo!)

So I decided I wanted to do something coffee related as a Valentine's gift for him. I saw these DIY Monogrammed Mugs on Pinterest that would be perfect, and I figured I'd try to find some interestingly flavored coffee to put inside as a nice treat.  And of course, I had to make a matching one for myself, too!

All you need is two white coffee mugs, a computer and printer, a ceramic paint marker, and a piece of graphite paper.

The cups I found at Target with nice, flat sides that would be easy to draw on.  I got the pen and graphite paper at Hobby Lobby (with coupons, of course).  I downloaded this Scribble Box font and printed out some large M's and J's.
I couldn't find the Porceilane pen the pinner used, so I used an ArtDeco glass paint marker instead (same thing, different brand).  I wanted black, but of course they had every color but black, though I do love the way the blue ended up turning out.
First, you print the letters and cut them out.  Then, you cut out equal sized squares of the graphite paper.  You tape the graphite paper (dark side down) then the printed letter on top of that to the mugs.  It looked like this.
Then, you trace the outline of the letter with a ballpoint pen.  I did mine 2-3 times just to ensure I had a nice thick impression.  Take off the paper, and it looks like this.
You shake the paint marker, press down on the tip until ink comes out, then start drawing.  I traced the outline of the letter, then drew diagonal lines throughout the inside of the letter (going up from left to right first).  Then I waited a minute for them to dry and drew diagonal lines the opposite direction (going up from right to left).  I waited a few minutes then did the other side of the mug, which is a bit difficult since you can't lay it down on the side you just drew.  If you mess up, you can wash it off with water and redo it, which I took advantage of twice before I got the hang of the marker.

Then I followed the baking instructions that came with the pen.  I waited four hours, then put them in the (cold) oven.  You set the oven with the mugs inside to preheat to 375.  Then you set the timer for 40 minutes.  At 40 minutes, you turn off the oven and let it cool with the door open and mugs inside.  After that they are supposed to be dishwasher safe, though I haven't tested that and probably will hand wash anyway to be sure.

And here's the final product!
I ended up getting some Cinnamon Bun flavored coffee from World Market to go with Jake's mug for his gift.  I'm hoping it's very yummy!  All the World Market employees were raving about it.
Jake actually got me some coffee discs for my Tassimo for Valentine's! We were definitely on the same page.  Coffee all around :)

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  1. Love reading your blogs u do it you make the cutest mugs ever!