Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yoplait Two Week Tune Up: Week 2 and Beyond

As of Thursday May 10th (day 11 of 14), I was down about 4 pounds, but then my brother and dad came and we had a lot of celebrating to do for my graduation, Ben's birthday, and Mother's Day!  I didn't just go off my diet...I kinda went all out.  There was barbeque, cake, cookies, pasta, and hibachi.  Plus, I wasn't exercising.  As of Monday, I was back up two pounds.  I went back on it Tuesday and Wednesday and got on the scale Thursday morning only to see that I gained back another pound.  That leaves me at just a pound less than where I started.  So I'm not happy, and I have given up.  I only had one day left anyway if I was going to stick to the 14 days and not go longer.  My mom lost about six pounds, she said, and gained two back so she had better results than me.

I hate to be a quitter, but it has gotten old very fast, especially when I have gained most of the weight right back in three days of being off of it.  I don't think this was the right diet for me to really learn how to eat right or to keep the weight off.  I also get a lot of enjoyment out of eating, especially right now since I'm not doing a lot with no job and not a lot of other plans, so it was really affecting me negatively to be on such a restricted meal plan.  I need to be on a diet where I can still indulge in a cookie once in a while and a variety of foods that I like instead of just a few foods I like on a daily basis.

So, can you really lose 5-7 pounds on the Yoplait Two Week Tune Up
Sure, you probably can if you can find a way to stick to it.  My mom was close.  Unfortunately, I don't think most people could.  I mean, other than graduation, this was the best possible time for me to do this.  I'm unemployed and at home a lot, so I can do the meals no problem, but I still had trouble with it.  Most other people have work, more social outings, and many other things going on that will keep them from doing it full on for two weeks.  If I can't do it while having basically no other obligations, I don't think its very realistic.

Will the results last?  
I highly doubt it.  I mean, I did kind of pig out when I went off it, but then I went back on for almost the remaining few days and couldn't even stay stable at the weight I was.  It doesn't seem like it would stick after going back to your normal eating or even a healthier version of your normal diet.

Can you incorporate it into a regular diet? 
Maybe, sort of.  It might be worth a try to do it at breakfast and lunch, but do whatever you want for dinner.  It also just taught me that I need to eat a lot more for breakfast than I used to and a lot less in snacks and after dinner.

In closing, I don't really recommend this diet.  I liked it at the beginning, but it soon got old and I don't truly believe the results would last.  Disappointing, but at least we tried.  I'm going try to be a little better now, but still eat what I want so I am happy.

Keep checking out the blog, as I've been coming up with lots of topics to write about!

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