Monday, May 7, 2012

Yoplait Two Week Tune Up: Week 1

I somehow avoided the "freshman 15" by having free access to a gym for the first time at Clemson, but have managed to gain the senior seven.  While eating my yogurt, I saw on the side of the container it advertised for the "Yoplait Two Week Tune Up," and I was intrigued.  I went on the website and planned my diet, and it didn't sound all that bad.  I already eat a lot of the things on it, just not in that order or everyday.  They say you can lose 5-7 pounds in two weeks.  I got my mom to do it with me, and we started on Monday, April 30 so we have now been on it for seven full days.  Today is day eight.  This is my first experience in dieting.

What You Eat
For breakfast and lunch, you can eat a fruit, a grain, and a yogurt.  For fruit, we usually eat a banana, an apple, 17 grapes, an orange/clementine, 3/4 cup of cantaloupe, or 3/4 cup of strawberries, though there are more options.  For the grain, you can choose from 1 cup of cheerios, multigrain cheerios, or rice chex, or a nature valley crunchy granola bar.  You can sub in with any cereal or granola bar that's between 100-110 calories.  We use multigrain cheerios as well as honey nut cheerios, chocolate cheerios, and banana nut cheerios, though with those last three we can only have 3/4 cup instead of a whole cup.  Then obviously for the yogurt, you eat a yoplait light in whatever flavor you desire, and you definitely want to mix it up since you eat them twice a day.

For dinner, you eat six 1 oz. servings of protein (chicken or fish, for instance), 2 vegetable servings, and 1 fat serving (if you like). You can also have 3 servings of dairy throughout the day (like skim milk) and a snack.  For the snack, the only two options we like are baby carrots and celery.  We can eat one cup of each or two cups of one or the other.  They also recommend that you walk or exercise for 30-40 minutes each day, which we have.

How It's Going So Far
I'm hoping this diet will get me in the habit of eating less and needing less to be full, as well as choosing healthier options when I do eat so that I don't just revert to my old ways and gain it all back when it ends.  Though this may not sound like enough food, that really hasn't been a problem for me so far.  I have never needed the full two cups of veggies for the snack.  There was even a day where I didn't eat one of my allotted yogurts, and I usually only have 2 of the 3 dairy servings.

My mom and I have had different challenges with the diet.  For my mom, she just started eating yogurt a month or two ago and isn't that fond of it yet, so eating it twice a day is a struggle.  For me the struggle is more with the dinner and snacks.  I definitely don't usually go for carrots or celery when I'm snacking.  I have a weakness for sweets and chocolate.  I also use a lot of condiments that I'm sure probably aren't on the diet.  I decided I will use some ketchup for my chicken and fish at dinner, because it makes my enjoyment of the meal so much greater, but I am really trying to use it sparingly.

On this diet, you can't really eat out for breakfast or lunch, as you have to have your yogurt, grain, and fruit.  However, for dinner it can be done though it's not always easy.  There are many restaurants where you can get chicken, steak, fish, or other meats with vegetables as sides or subbed in for fries.  Mom and I went to Atlanta to do some shopping the second day we were on it, so we took our lunch with us in a cooler.  We were able to eat out for dinner at this place in the Mall of Georgia food court called "Farmer's Basket."  They had charbroiled or sauteed chicken you could get with a variety of sides.  We got both types of chicken mixed.  One of us got carrots as the side and the other got green beans, and we swapped.  It was delicious, and we were pleasantly surprised at our find that pretty much fit the diet.  However, I didn't do the best when I ate some chips and salsa at a friend's for cinco de mayo or when I ate some chicken wraps and a few fries from Hardee's after a late movie with Jake last night.

-enough food to keep you full
-quick and easy meals

-can't eat out for lunch
-a LOT of yogurt

So far we're down a few pounds and hopefully the rest will come off this week.  We will probably have to go off it next weekend while my brother and dad are here for my graduation and go back on a few more days afterwards to get the full 14 days in.  Hopefully that will work okay, as its just how we have to do things with our schedule.  I'll post the final verdict when we finish!

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