Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodbye SC and Useful DC Gifts

Wow.  Where has the time gone?  We are driving up to DC tomorrow!  I'm so emotional right now.  A part of me is definitely excited for the opportunities ahead, but a much bigger part of me is scared and can fall apart crying at any second thinking about the possibility of not seeing my parents, friends, or wonderful boyfriend for the next four months.  Plus the fact that I'm done with Clemson and will be graduating soon after I come back is scary.  I'm also just stressed about fitting everything I need for a whole semester into the tiny half of a room I'll be living in.  As always with moving different places, once I get settled there I'm sure I will not be so worried or emotional, and it will all be worth it!
Jake and I before our date last night.
I got some cool Christmas presents that will be great to have in DC.  My sister-in-law's family got me a Frommer's Washington, DC Free and Dirt Cheap book that will be a great resource.  I was so excited I even read a bit of it before opening more presents on Christmas day.  This will help me make the most out of my trip, for sure.
My brother and sister-in-law also got me a Moleskin City Notebook for DC.  This is really cool, because it has a lot of maps, but it also has blank pages, removable pages, dividers, stickers, and pockets to kind of create your own guide to the city and write in your favorite things.  It's also very small so it's convenient to carry along.  Then when I come back to DC other times after this semester, I'll know and remember all the best places to go according to my own guide.
Finally, my mom (always so crafty) got me a Smash journal.  It is basically supposed to be a quick scrapbook.  The pages come with different colors and patterns on them like scrapbook paper, and it comes with a pen that has glue on the other end of it.  You can paste in ticket stubs, brochures, and other tid-bits as well as write down musings and thoughts.  She also got me this cool tape you can use in it that says things like "I really really like this," etc.
So between my Moleskin notebook, my Smash journal, my pictures, and this blog, my trip will definitely be well documented.  I'm going to soak up every moment and hopefully never forget it.

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